13 February 2015

Tuesday 10th was Internet Safety Day. The Computer Whizz Kids played an important role in helping each class to deliver a lesson looking at how we can stay safe when using the internet. 


Katie and Max worked alongside Year 2 to support their learning using Hector’s World. They learned about how to keep their personal information safe when using the internet.


In other classes, the teachers used the same websites which the Whizz Kids had shown them and looked at ways of staying safe.   


Year 4 and 5 looked at Cyber Café on the Think You Know website.


They learned about how to stay safe on the internet, using the acronym SMART to help them to remember the key points.


Be SMART  online


Safe – Don’t give out your personal information; choose strong, powerful passwords; don’t go on to websites you are not sure about or which have age restrictions.


Meeting – NEVER meet anyone who you do not know in real life. Just because you have chatted to them on the internet does not mean you know them.


Accepting – Be very careful who you accept information (emails, message, texts) from.


Reliable – how can you check whether information and people online are reliable?


Tell - Tell an adult if anything makes you feel uncomfortable or if anyone asks to meet you.



During the previous two weeks, the Whizz Kids taught all the children in Key Stage 2 about using and choosing safe passwords.