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Ofsted 2023 

"Linden Road Academy is a friendly and diverse school, where all pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), are welcomed." 

"Staff quickly build warm and supportive relationships with children to help them to settle in quickly."

"Teachers ensure that classrooms are positive environments where pupils enjoy learning. Well-established routines and clear expectations help pupils to know how to behave. As a result, disruption to pupils’ learning is rare."

"Leaders have designed a broad and ambitious curriculum for pupils, including those who attend the specially resourced provision for pupils with SEND."

"Leaders have developed a highly effective programme to promote pupils’ personal development."

"Leaders have strong, well-embedded systems to record safeguarding issues. They seek advice and support for vulnerable pupils from a range of external agencies. Staff are tenacious in their efforts to seek additional help for pupils when needed."


Ofsted 2018:

“Pupils behave sensibly, cooperate with one another maturely and relish learning in lessons.” 

“Pupils’ attainment is consistently at or above national averages by the end of key stages 1 and 2.” 

“A culture of high expectations and cooperation permeates all areas of the school. Staff and pupils fully embrace the school’s ‘Proud to be Linden’ motto. “ 

“Pupils feel safe and well cared for. They trust the adults in the school to deal with their problems.”  

“The behaviour logs show few incidents of bullying. On the rare occasions when they do happen, teachers take firm and decisive action.”


You can view the predecessor school Linden Road Primary and Hearing Impaired Resource Base Report here.  

Linden Road Primary School Ofsted Report 2013. 

Since this inspection the school has improved significantly.