Maths Intent
At Linden Road Academy, we strive to create a love and passion for maths. Our curriculum is carefully planned to ensure coverage is balanced, structured and allows for deep learning. We use White Rose as our curriculum spine, and supplement this with additional resources if we feel necessary. Our lessons are planned through five main domains: Variation, Fluency, Mathematical Thinking, Representation and Coherency. We use pedagogy developed in Shanghai to structure our ‘small steps’ lesson design. We believe that by working alongside pupils, teaching staff are able to guide pupils through ‘small steps’ of structured progress within a lesson. Whole class teaching is carefully differentiated through targeted questioning and different levels of support structures. Pupils will often work reciprocally, enhancing their reasoning skills as they support their peers.
All maths lessons explore elements of reasoning and problem solving, which provide fantastic opportunities for our pupils to use their Growth Mindset and resilience skills. Teachers model and encourage verbal reasoning with peers and pupils evaluate mathematical strategies debate their efficiency.
Fluency skills are developed through arithmetic sessions at the beginning of maths lessons over the course of a week. We have adopted pedagogy developed by Ron Berger in ‘Leaders of Our Own Learning’ by asking pupils to track their own arithmetic progress and subsequently, set themselves aspirational goals. Our pupils work together to close their gaps in arithmetic progress, learning from their peers in order to succeed.
To complement our fluency skills, pupils also engage in RRR (Recap, Remember, Retain) which allows for opportunity to revisit prior learning, and thus, commit learning into long-term memory. SumDog is used across school to improve the fluency of Timestables. 
Within our Topics, we aim to expose pupils to mutli-skill maths challenges – pedagogy recommended by pedagogy by Chris Quigley. Pupils are immersed into a topic-themed mathematical challenge, which requires them to draw upon many skills in order to succeed.


Please see below our Maths Curriculum:

Maths Curriculum