Meet the Academy Improvement Committee

In September 2019 the new structure for local governance commenced.

The Academy Improvement Committee (AIC) operates at a local level and have oversight of Linden Road Academy, Moorside Primary Academy and Manchester Road Primary Academy. Membership is drawn from communities of all schools and parents. The AIC has oversight of key educational aspects of the school including pupil achievement, SEND, the use of the pupil premium and attendance.

The specific responsibilities of each layer of governance – and those of Academy Directors and Principals – are set out in the Enquire Learning Trust's Scheme of Delegation. This, in turn, reflects the Trust Articles or Association and the DfE Governance Handbook (March 2019).

The Academy Improvement Committee meets every term, we do not have a structure of committees as we feel it important all members fully understand our school.  More information can be found on the Government's Information about Schools webpage:


Attendance at Academy Improvement Committee Meetings and Terms of Office

Enquire Learning Trust's Governance Document.  Academy Improvement Committee other business interests.   



To view governance procedures within the Enquire Learning Trust please click here.