Music Intent                                                  

Our Music curriculum aims to develop an appreciation and love of music. Starting in EYFS, singing songs and exploring sounds all the way through to Key Stage Two. Singing assemblies allow pupils to use their voice expressively with control and melody. The school choir provides an opportunity for those with a passion for singing to shine. Pupils love listening to music and will often request their favourite songs as part of assemblies or lunchtime provision. Our topic-themed curriculum provides us with even more opportunities to explore music. Our EYFS classes sing familiar songs and nursery rhymes and Jolly Phonics songs moving rhythmically as they sing. Environmental sounds, beats, rhythm and rhyme form part of the phonics curriculum – enhanced by Dough Disco and Squiggle Whilst You Wiggle (a particular favourite for our EYFS pupils). Access to musical instruments in Continuous Provision ensures there is always a tune, and often an orchestra of sounds, coming from our Early Years setting.

Continuing in to Key Stage One, our classes become immersed in Pirate Shanties and African tribal music. Visits from professional musicians enhance our curriculum further, providing expert insight into African drumming and tribal music.   

In Lower Key Stage Two, Year 3 explore South American music in their topic and pupils participate in Samba drumming with a visit from a professional samba band. Year 4 learn about sound, vibrations and composition through their topic Super Senses.

Up into Upper Key Stage Two, Year 5 and Year 6 explore the role of music during World War One and World War Two as well as uncovering the history of music throughout the decades.

In addition to our topic-themed music curriculum, we also provide Key Stage Two Classes with the opportunity to perform and compose music through Steel Pan sessions. These weekly sessions provide fantastic opportunities for pupils to control the instrument, play rhythmically and perform their achievements. Parents and families are invited to our Steel Pan concerts, which are always a great success.