Design and Technology Curriculum Intent

At Linden Road Academy, our pupils experience a Design and Technology curriculum, which allows them to explore their creativity through designing and making. We teach pupils the technical knowledge and understanding they need in order to create effective and appealing products.

Key skills are taught progressively and are embedded to ensure that all pupils make progress and develop as they journey through school.

In our Foundation Stage, the children are taught to explore and use a variety of materials and media to represent their ideas, thinking about their uses and purposes.  They express themselves using Design and Technology, art, music, dance, stories and role play.  The children are exposed to a variety of tools and techniques to use, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. 

The children in Foundation Stage are also given regular opportunities to develop understanding of a technological world.  Looking at technology from the past and present and how they have influenced our lives today.  This progresses throughout school to encourage the children to have a critical approach to their own designs and creations.

The teaching of Design and Technology follows the design, make and evaluate cycle with technical knowledge being the ‘root’ of understanding. We teach DT through the lens of a Science topic, which allows pupils to consolidate their scientific knowledge whilst creating a functional and appealing product. 

The DT projects covered throughout KS1 and KS2 are:

  • Year 1: a Super Hero Vehicle
  • Year 2: an Explorer Fan Boat
  • Year 3: a Periscope
  • Year 4: a Torch
  • Year 5: a Motorised Moon Buggy     
  • Year 6: a Fair Ground Ride  


Children are also taught about ‘Cooking and Nutrition’, exploring ‘Where food comes from’ as well as following a recipes to make and eat food.  This knowledge forms the foundations of the Science curriculum, where pupils further explore where food comes from and plant growth. Children are given the opportunity to explore these objectives and create their own meal during Healthy Eating Week. The children understand that there are different types of food groups and understand the need for a varied diet in order to stay healthy. They are taught to be aware of how good practice with regard to exercise, keeping healthy, good sleeping habits and hygiene contribute to a healthy lifestyle. These objectives are not only covered in our Design and Technology curriculum, but are consolidated further through our PSHE scheme of learning.


Our children’s horizons are broadened when exposed to food across the globe and throughout different cultures. Our school celebrations of Harvest, Eid, Ramadan, Chinese New Year and many other religious festivals include a focus on food, traditions, transportation and fair trade.

Design and Technology activities are also set as homework projects, linked to alternative topics. The children proudly bring these in and they are celebrated and displayed for all to see.

The impact that our Design and Technology Curriculum will have on children in Linden Road Academy will ensure that children have:

  • A confident attitude to independent working.
  • The ability to use time efficiently and productively.
  • The ability to undertake research, showing initiative, asking questions, applying and testing knowledge and their product.
  • A thorough knowledge of tools, equipment, materials and safe procedures.
  • The learning behaviour of resilience.
  • To make links between subjects.

When our children move into Key Stage Three, they will be well equipped with knowledge and understanding for Design and Technology.  They will be confident with skills, vocabulary and the cycle – design, make, evaluate.  They will have confidence to take risks and explain what they are doing and what they are going to achieve.  Our children will also have an understanding of food and will hopefully have a few favourite recipes to share!

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