French Intent


The Modern Foreign Language (MfL) that we choose to teach at Linden Road Academy is French.  Our French curriculum aims to scaffold language development so that our pupils become increasingly confident and expressive in the French language.


French is introduced to our pupils in Year 1 and 2 through the form of nursery rhymes and songs to provide a foundation of knowledge before the French Programme of Study begins in KS2.


In Key Stage Two, pupils move through the programme of study at a steady pace, ensuring that prior learning is recapped and consolidated before moving on. 


Our curriculum follows a linear and sequential progression, which aims to build upon prior learning, consolidate and move learning on. A typical French lesson will aim to recap prior knowledge, introduce new learning in small steps and apply this through practice and games.


By the end of Key Stage 2, pupils will have the confidence, knowledge and skills to have a conversation about a range of topics in French that are useful and relevant to pupils’ lives. This will give the children the solid foundations of learning they need to achieve, when moving on into Key Stage 3.


Evidence of our French learning can be found on twitter by searching #LindenFrench