Science Intent

Our Science curriculum aims to develop our pupils’ inquisitive natures and a curiosity in how the world works. Our curriculum is taught through our themed topics, which immerse pupils into learning, giving it purpose, focus and context. Content is carefully planned to be progressive, with an aim to consolidate learning and build upon prior knowledge and skills. We strive to go beyond the National Curriculum to ensure that our pupils have a foundation of knowledge which is then developed and deepened. Science is assessed through Enquiry Questions which have been written to encourage pupils to draw on their science learning to formulate a structured, informed and scientifically accurate response.

Working scientifically is a theme which runs throughout our Science Curriculum. We support pupils to work scientifically, carrying out tests and experiments with increasing accuracy and precision.

We teach science weekly as well as dedicating a term to a science topic. Our annual ‘Science week’ is an additional opportunity for pupils to engage in a range of experiments and have fun!


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Please see below our Science Curriculum:

Science Curriculum

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