Student Leadership Team

In September  each class elected their student representatives to the 2017-18 Student Leadership Team.


The role of the Student Leadership Team is to:

  • Provide a bird’s eye view on the quality of what is happening at the academy.
  • Advise the Principal, Governors and staff on students’ views to improve academy life.
  • Use a cycle of improvement find out What Works Well and Even Better If.
  • Be the voice of the students within the academy.
  • Meet regularly with the Academy Leadership Team.
  • Act as superb role models for the students of Linden Road Academy.


We are currently working on:

  • Our new Healthy Packed Lunch Policy
  • Leaders of Learning
  • Increasing challenge in the classroom even more


Our previous work has included:

  • An enquiry into how Working Walls in classrooms help students learn and how the school can make them even better.
  • Conducting and feeding back on student consultation.
  • Working with teaching staff in their Staff Meetings to make rewards and behaviour even better.
  • Participating in enquiries with the Senior Leadership Team and the Enquire Learning Trust into learning.
  • Conducting learning walks and observations of learning alongside the members of the Senior Leadership Team and feeding back to teachers.
  • Regularly providing feedback to the Principal on what is going well and what could be even better.