We have been instructed to provide your child with remote learning which is as close to the school day as possible, teaching the subjects that your child would be learning at school and following the structure of the school day.  Children will benefit most if they can follow the school timetable alongside the class and teacher so that they can ask questions live and interact in the lesson. I know and understand that this may not always be possible for some children on some days. 

There is a lot of screen time involved in your child’s remote learning and making sure children are being safe online will continue to be a job that is shared between home and staff at school. We have built in time away from the screen during break, lunch and times such as PE and Golden time.  Friday afternoon has been scheduled for Golden Time - a time where the children can relax.  We have included the facility for the children to talk informally to each other using Microsoft Teams but this must follow the same rules of the classroom and should be kept for breaktimes, lunchtimes and golden time only. We have added this feature to allow the children to continue to socialise together, but you made decide to use breaks and Golden time as an opportunity to sign off and come away from the screen.

I have talked to lots of parents since school closed last Tuesday and I know and understand that there is pressure on you to supervise, support, be involved in remote learning (often for more than one child) and still work and do the jobs that need to be done at home.  I know that at times there will be issues with devices, internet, appointments, Covid 19 itself, other illnesses and things that may interrupt remote learning.  However, we all want the same thing: for this school closure to have the smallest possible impact on your child.  That is why your child’s teacher and I are here in school, everyday and we are using Teams and Tapestry to provide new teaching to your child and to maintain the great progress in learning that we saw over the Autumn term. I know this school closure is different from the last one but these changes are essential in order for us to support your child in the best way we possibly can.  We know that this closure will continue until at least the February half term and our aim is to improve on our home learning offer week on week as we learn new skills and the children become even more fluent with the technology. 


Just as we would if school were open, if we haven’t heard from you or your child then we will get in touch to see if you are all ok and to see if you need any support or if there is a problem.  This is not an extra pressure but it is because we want to help as much as we can and ensure everything is okay.  Please keep in touch with me and your child’s teacher so that we can continue to keep working together as team.


Remote Learning Policy