The Whizz Kids 2018 Apple Store Visit

Whizz Kids by Ruby and Layton

Whizz Kids by Joshua and Elma

Whizz Kids by Jess and Natalia

Whizz Kids by Ellie and Chloe

The Whizz Kids 2017-2018

Our new Whizz Kid team is made up of students from Year 4, 5 and 6.


This half term the Whizz Kids will be working on e-safety.  They will be in two core groups with one group looking at creating a guide for FS and KS1 and the other group looking at creating a guide for KS2.


The children will also be thinking about events we can hold in our Linden Road’s Year of Computing and will be in classes supporting children with their computing skills.  


Internet Safety Day 2017

On February 6th the whole school took part in Internet Safety Day. The Whizz Kids played an important role in supporting each class on in developing their understanding about e-safety. The Whizz Kids made a Powerpoint presentation to show their classes. Each class watched a video, discussed what they had learnt and then had a quiz. The children then worked on presenting their learning in different ways.

Year 1 & 2 created E-safety shields to remind them how to stay safe when on-line. They also read the story ‘Digi-Duck’ and created story boards.

Year 3 & 4 created e-safety peace birds where they added their own safety messages.

Year 5& 6 looked at how photographs can be interpreted and about their electronic footprint. They then created their own emoji.


Some of our work in displayed in school for you to have a look at.