The children have returned to school happy and are working hard.  Children and staff are following the guidance to keep us as safe as possible with regular hand washing and hand sanitising and lots of tissues to catch sneezes.


However bringing the school back together after 6 months has presented challenges.  We were expecting children to pick up colds and other everyday childhood illnesses once they started mixing in their classes again, even with extra hand washing, use of hand sanitiser and extra vigilance of staff.  There is a cross-over with covid 19 symptoms and symptoms of a cold.  What has helped is parents and carers phoning school to discuss symptoms that their child has.  Please get in contact either on the phone or email  to discuss these and any other issues you want to discuss.


The children are working in their class bubble but each class is part of a bubble with two other classes.  Bubbles have been set in order to run the school in the best way possible and for children to experience as normal a day as possible.  The bubbles are

FS1, FS2 and Year 1

Years 2, 3 and 4

Year 5, 6 Birch and 6 Willow.


These bubbles have a set of toilets which only they use, they use the playground at the same time, use the dinner hall at the same time and have an after school club together at the same time.  We are all working hard to keep children and staff and families at home, as safe as possible.  We have no confirmed cases of children or staff testing positive.  You will be updated if this changes and we will inform you of what action parents and carers will need to take.  Our guidance comes from the Enquire Learning Trust and the government guidance.  While our actions and guidance may differ from other schools, it is important that we follow the guidance set out for us.




Thank you for your continued support.  Our attendance in the first 5 days this year was even better than last September.  We know that your child has missed being in school.  We are working hard to fill the gaps in their learning from the school closure.  This is going to be an even greater challenge as we move through Autumn and into Winter.  We must work together to keep your child’s attendance in school as high as possible so that we can make sure they achieve their potential.


If your child is asked to self-isolate by the school then this will not have a negative effect on their attendance.  We will be in contact regularly with you and your child during any period of self-isolation and will arrange learning and work to be provided for your child.









Please only arrive at school no more than a few minutes before your child's start and end time so that we can ensure social distancing happens at these busy times.

These classes will start full time on Wednesday 2nd September at the following times: 


Year 1  8.40-3.00

Year 2 8.50 - 3.10 

Year 3 8.50 - 3.10 

Year 4 9.00 - 3.20 

Year 6 Willow 8.40 - 3.00*

Year 6 Birch 8.50 - 3.10*

*Please note, Year 6 will use their own entrance to the school and will walk into school without parents/carers.

Year 5 will start full time on Friday 4th September from 9.00-3.20  



Those pupils in FS1 that were rising 3’s last year will start 8.40-11.40 on Wednesday 2nd September 


Those pupils new to FS1 will visit for 1 hour with parents on Wednesday, 1 hour with parents on Thursday and stay for 2 hours without parents on Friday. 


By Monday 7th September, all of FS1 will be in school 8.40-11.40


Wrap around will only start from Monday 7th and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.



Those pupils new to Linden Road FS2, who did not attend our FS1, will visit for 1 hour with parents on Wednesday, 1 hour with parents on Thursday and stay for a full day on Friday. 


On Monday 7th September, the rest of FS2, who had already attended our nursery, will start school full time from 8.40 - 3.00 

Additional info 

Parents with children in multiple year groups should drop off all children at 8.50-3.10 

Thank you for your understanding with these arrangements, we have tried to ensure the best transition possible for all pupils. 

The video below is a guide for what to expect for you and your child when we reopen from Wednesday 2nd September


School Lunches

A full school meal menu is available from Wednesday 3rd September.  Children can bring in their own packed lunches.

If you would like your child to have a school dinner in September and have not already selected your options, please do this by following this link: 



Children in years 1 to 6 will be getting changed for PE and  can bring their PE kit in a bag.  Children in FS will not get changed for their PE lessons until the Spring term.



Your child's class will be in a bubble comprising their own class and two more classes.  This is so that we can run the school and reopen as close to normally as possible.  Bubbles will only close if there is a positive test by one or more child or member of staff in that bubble. 



Attendance is very important.  Lots of children missed out on attending school and to catch up, children have to be in school.  The more they are in, the more they will catch up.  However, if anyone in your household has symptoms then please get in touch with school and follow the advice of NHS 111.  If you are contacted by NHS track and trace then please let school know so that we can advise you on what the next steps are for your child.


Helping Children get Ready for Reopening

Please see the flip book below for some useful resources to talk about with your child.