Our P.T.A.F.A (Parent/Teacher and Friends Association) are a group of Parents and Teachers who raise money for the school by running a variety of events. Funds raised are then used to purchase items and services which directly benefit all children. We raise money to bridge the gap between the money the school receives and the money it needs.


What the P.T.A.F.A do ...

P.T.A activity varies, we can

  • Raise funds to help the school provide “extras” for the students
  • Run social events for parents and children
  • Provide support for school trips, outings and other special events.
  • Organise meetings to inform parents about education issues, especially when changes are taking place.

Get Involved.

Linden Road P.T.A.F.A welcomes your support. If you are a new parent to the school or just new to P.T.A, it is a wonderful way to meet other parents. How much you involve yourself is entirely up to you. You could have great ideas, produce posters, bake a cake, help with refreshments, talk to local business and ask for their support and donations of prizes. If you are only available to help at events every pair of hands help. Even if you can spare a small amount of time your contribution would be very much appreciated.

Please contact the school office for details.