Who's Who

Principal - Mr P Greaves
Vice Principal, Specialist Leader in Education and SENDCo - Mrs F Bradshaw 

Leadership Team
Foundation Stage Leader - Mrs R O'Brien
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar/Phonics and KS1 Lead - Mrs J Stephens
Teaching Staff
Mrs R O'Brien and Miss L Harris (FS1 )
Mrs B Cunliffe (FS2 Poplar )
Mrs D Blackburn (Yr1 Rowan)
Miss C Slack (Yr2 Ash)
Mrs J Stephens (Yr3 Oak)

Mr McCormack (Yr4 Willow )
Miss R Farebrother (Yr4 Birch)
Miss A Dewar (Yr5 Spruce)
Miss K Pillar (Yr6 Yew)
Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Oldham

Mrs R Chaggar      
Mrs K Piper
Mrs M Sturt
Mrs L Henderson
Miss L Harris
Mrs B Cunliffe
Mrs Fitton
Miss K Jones
Sports Coach
Mr G Hart
Pastoral Manager
Mrs R Cooper
Admin and Finance
Business Manager - Mrs J Hernon
Administrative Manager -  Mrs J Boyle
ICT Support
Mr S Gallagher
Mr T Braithwaite
Site Manager
Mr B Kirkbride
Catering Team
Cook - Mrs L Scott
Assistant Cook - Mrs J Macdonald
Catering Assistant - Ms J Calder

Midday Assistants
Mrs G Kirkbride
Mr B Kirkbride
Mrs L Henderson
Mrs K Turner

Miss K Lawson

Mrs V Turner
Mrs Walton
Mrs S Haynes
Mrs L Scott