Year 6 SATs Week

Next week, starting Monday 9th May, is the start of the national testing week for Year 6 classes across the country.  Below are some important points for you to know:

  • clear guidance on how to administer the SATs tests is set out down by the Department for Education for all schools to follow,
  • some students will sit the tests at different times to give them the best opportunity to succeed,
  • the children will not be taught their normal lessons in the mornings.

During the test week, some children will work in our re-modelled ICT suite (as they have all term, in maths) and some children will work in class.  Your child knows where they will take the tests and the way that the week will go.


The test week is set out by the government, and must be strictly followed:

Monday 9th May – reading (1hour)

Tuesday 10th May – grammar and punctuation (45 minutes) and spelling (untimed)

Wednesday 11th May – maths arithmetic (30 minutes) and maths reasoning (40 minutes)

Thursday 12th May – maths reasoning (40 minutes).


By including relaxing and enjoyable activities before and after each test, we have found a balance between the difficult nature of the tests and helping the children to fulfil their potential.  The children have given us very positive feedback about their experience during our recent practise week and we are confident that this approach is the best one for your children.  If you have any questions, then please do let us know.



Advice for parents/carers     Autumn Term 2015

The start of the new school year has seen significant changes to your child’s education.  The government introduced a new curriculum for all children in years 1 to 6 and directed primary schools and academies to stop using the method of assessment known as levels. With the new curriculum has come much higher expectations for all year groups.  As a result, children that were working above the expected level for their age in July may no longer be under the new (much harder) curriculum. 

This means a change to how schools report to parents and carers about their child’s achievement.  From now on, the children’s targets will be set as one of the following:

  • Working towards the expected standard for their age,   or
  • At the expected standard for their age,   or
  • Above the expected standard for their age.
  • More information is available by speaking to your class teacher or Mr Greaves, school’s assessment co-ordinator.