Proud to be Linden


At Linden Road Academy the whole school community is proud of  everything we do, this is due to our Growth Mindset, high expectations and commitment to being the best we can possibly be at all times. Our learning never finishes, we are all thirsty to grow and develop to be better citizens day by day. Whether its looking smart, making outstanding progress, saying a  cheery 'Good Morning!', having beautiful table manners or being a great friend our students always seek feedback to improve day by day and lesson by lesson.

During Motivation Monday assemblies students have been exploring what they believe makes them #proudtobelinden.


Progression, passion, perseverance, Power in Me, partnership.

Reciprocity, responsibility, reflectiveness, resilience, respectfulness.

Independence, inspirational, importance, intelligence, improvement, interdependence.

Discussion, discovering, demonstration, determination, dedication.

Excellence, excitement, empathy, enthusiasm, expectations,enjoyment.


What our students say about Linden Road Academy...

" We are a very good school beacuse we dress smart and keep tucked in. It is very quiet and hardly has any distractions. It has a great Learning Zone. There are many places to learn. We can get on and have a laugh and a joke but we know when to stop. Its amazing!"- Luke

"Linden Road is very motivational" - Anais

"I love our new image. I always want to come to school. I love the lessons that we have. It feels like home." - Maliah

"I am proud to be Linden because it is inspiring." - Elma

" I like how they give is that little push to stardom, friendship and high school." - Isabelle

"Its clean and colourful. I love all the books." - Jake

"I am proud of my homework." - Charlie


#proudtobelinden is at the core of our approach to British Values, PSHE and citizenship.

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Ellie produced this amazing piece of #proudtobelinden at home. She received a Principal's Commendations in recognition of her work.

Proud To Be Linden



Important part of the community,

No such word as NEVER.

Devoloping our minds every day.

Encouragement and reassurance goes a long way.

New learning techniques are fun to learn.


Respect and friendships will get you far.

Original learning, but in fun ways we enjoy,

Amazing, committed teachers, who believe in every single one of us.

Developing capabilities to our absolute best.


A fantastic display of development, pride and achievement that we use everyday.

Collaborating with each other is the best way to learn.

A compelling school, that I'm proud to be apart of!

Determination and personality makes us stand out from the rest!

Encouragement and belief is all you'll ever need,

Making learning fun, and inspiring us for the future.

Yes we really can be anything we want to be, just work hard and believe in yourself!!.


Incredible how much I love school it’s so much fun.

Spending time on my work, I enjoy it.


Magnificent achievement assemblies, are the best !!

Yay!! We also have celebrations when we reach our class targets.


Supporting each other through thick and thin.

Celebrate each other’s achievements.

Helping each other is what we are about.

Oozing with Linden Pride!!

Outstanding, is what we aim for, in everything we do.

Linden Legends are the best.